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That's Bill in an unusual position for him.  He's sitting down rather than up and working on a project.  I'm in my usual position - staring at a computer screen.  We're working hard to turn our place into a self sufficient, sustainable home with solar power and cisterns, a grey water system and productive greenhouse.   

Bill's an ex-dairy farmer, handyman and retired lithographer who works 24x7 gardening, building and fixing.  He relaxes by panning for gold.    I try to keep up.   We met on a church singles page on the Internet. We agree on the important things and complement each other in other things. 

I want to plant flowers in the greenhouse.   I think we get better yields if we plant flowers in the vegetable garden because of biodiversity, insect control, and soil modification.   As a bonus they're pretty and they smell nice too.    Bill thinks flowers are a waste of good garden space.   He plants flowers in the vegetable garden anyway, because he knows it makes me happy. 

He's like that with everyone.  That's why we offer a full money back refund if you aren't happy with one of our products.   And that's why we have the products we do.  Bill came across the Bible History Timeline thirty five years ago and liked it because he could see so much at a glance.    He had it printed on high quality paper and started selling it to his friends, then in the Christianity Today magazine.  Now it's available on the Internet.

We spend part of our day outside and the rest inside the office taking care of business - that means you.  We keep our telephones close by so we can answer your questions if you'd like to call.  Toll free 877-966-7300

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